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The Pond Project

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

This pond is fully incased in concrete. The concrete was poured 28 days prior of the installation of the new membrane. This pond is not over living space. First thing we did before we got going was to pressure wash the entire surface to remove all dust. Once we returned the next day the surface was dry. Then we did a final vacuum sweep to confirm our surface is ready for primer.

Then we went ahead and applied the Elasticol 500 bitumous primer to the entire surface. This is a 2ply system so we started with the Sopralene Flam 180 to the bottom of the pond. We made sure to terminate the Flam 180 a safe distance away from all drains and pipe protrusions so the torch heat will not melt plastic. Sopralene Flam 180 was heat welded up all curbs and walls.

The second ply of this 2-ply system we used Sopralene Flam 250 GR. This was to torched down and seams were offset from the base ply. Again, we kept a safe distance from all protrusions. Sopralene Flam 250 GR was heat welded up all curbs and was made sure all seams are offset from the base ply.

Around all the drains and pipe protrusions we installed a patch of Alsan 230 Flash (fully reinforced resin-fleece-resin) which will extend 4” onto the completed SBS and extending onto pipes and drains. Around the perimeter of the pond, we installed a 4” strip of Alsan 230 Flash onto the Iron curb. Then to finish it off we used Alsan 287 Colour coat (Black) over any Alsan 230 Flash. Even though this pond isn't over any living space we are still very confident in our work and can stand proud behind our warranty.


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