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Cedar Conversion To Fiberglass Composition Shingles

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

With this cedar conversion we started off with removing all the old cedar from the existing strapping. Once we bent down all the nails over the strapping, we installed ½'’ exterior plywood to create an approved substrate for the new fiberglass laminate shingles. Due to the lack of soffit intake vents at the eave to create a shingle manufacturer required attic ventilation system we needed to cut a 1” lateral opening through the new roof deck to allow air to enter the attic. The product we used for the intake vent was Certainteeds shingle-over vent hardware over opening to provide a bug-screened and baffled intake.

The next step of this project we installed Certainteed Diamond Deck synthetic underlayment over entire roof deck with manufacture approved cap fasteners. We installed 26-gauge drip edge flashings at all eaves and gutter edges. We also use 26-gauge W-formed valleys. For all valleys, eaves and rake edges we use CertainTeed's Swiftstart starters. The home owner went with Certainteeds Landmark AR Shingles (Moire Black). During the process of the installation of this roof we installed 7 – 75 sq-in passive attic vents to achieve a minimum 1:300 attic vent ratio, per building code and to meet requirements for manufacturer's warranty. When flashing a chimney or a skylight we always use brand new 26-gauge factory coated steel. When we finished the roof, we did a full magnet sweep of the yard, garden and driveway. Just another home owner pleased from the work and service that Neo Roofing Solutions offers.


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